Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kelly O'Brien

I want to dedicate this topic to my longtime close friend and ripper Kelly O'Brien. Kelly sent me this old footage that he found on some VHS tapes and he recorded them off his TV. I could've just pulled out an old hard drive and put this together and higher quality, but I think the rawness of it being filmed off a TV screen really meshes with Kelly's rawness as skateboarder. When you watch him skate in person he looks so natural and comfortable on his board, but the really sick thing is the power behind his skating. He is the kinda guy that can always get enough speed for a spot because 1 push for him is equal to like 3 pushes for most people. Kelly just cruises around pops ollies and it just looks so good and it looks fun to be him. It's funny because Kelly has always said he wanted to be able to do more tech tricks and flip tricks, but it just seems unnecessary. I don't know if he knows this(but I guess he will now) but we'll(Erich, Jack, Caleb and I)all be watching him skate at a spot and everyone is saying "man I wish I could skate like Kelly", and that's just it, he just looks so right and natural. He's probably going to think I'm lying but I'm seriously not, dude is a real street skater. Look for more from Kelly in "This Machine Kills Fascists". I really want to thank him for sending me these 2 videos, so Thanks bro!

This edit was probably done in 04' or 05' and it was filmed by me and Kelly's lovely wife and ripper Perri Morgan:

Here is a video of Kelly's wife and also a longtime friend Perri Morgan:

Perri J. Morgan from kelly O'Brien on Vimeo.

This is a little edit I made after the Wolfpack video came out, it was never released and was just something I threw together for fun. It is 1 trick from each person in the crew that was my favorite from 2004 and in the Wolfpack video. I guess it didn't have to be their "best" trick of 2004 but it was the ones I liked the best. I titled it "Don't Forget Your Friends"....I really miss Jimmy and Hippy, hope I see those guys more in 2010.

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