Saturday, September 26, 2009

Welcome to "The New American Order"...Does this scare you as much as it scares me?

As skateboarders we all have had our run ins with the law, but what about martial law? A crazy thought? I'm sure the residents in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania don't think so, at least not anymore. While the globalist elites plan for openly announced global governance and a new global currency to replace our crashing dollar they have set up a police and military force to make sure no ones first amendment rights are upheld. This is just plain scary, is this what the future holds for America? What is even scarier is that none of these videos are on the news or being covered by the mainstream media. Is it starting to click that the media is completely controlled? Is it starting to make sense why they are pushing to shut down the internet as we know it? Well let me post this while I still can. It is just funny how a few years ago just mentioning "The New World Order" as a real movement was considered to be pure insanity, and now it is written is thousands of mainstream news articles as a good thing. It's true look for yourself, just type in "new world order" in any search engine and go through the scores of articles from mainstream media outlets. This is what is shown in the opening clip of our first TMKF Promo. We in no way endorse Fox news or any mainstream media outlet, however this clip shows that the tyranny has become so evident that even the government and corporately controlled mainstream media cannot hide it any longer. These videos literally look like a scene out of a war zone in a city in the middle east, but it is merely a 3-hour drive from here just outside of Washington D.C.. Total control and martial law coming to a city near you...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I decided to post another version of the promo with the opening clip cut down. The original edit still is posted below. 

Friday, September 4, 2009


Mike Butler's second feature film "Doin' Thangs" premiers in Richmond tonight. This film stars Jack Beckett, Erich Bielefeldt and others and will certainly not disappoint and I'm very excited. I will be premiering the first TMKF Promo before the film starts and it will be up here online this weekend, so check back for that. Check below for premier info and for the "Doin' Thangs" trailer.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

VA to TX

Here are some flicks from the road trip from Richmond to Austin that Erich, Jack, Gilbert and myself took in July.  They're kinda out of chronological order but I'm too lazy and tired at the moment to fix them. Thanks to Will, Ben, Cricket and Summer's in Austin for facilitating goodtimes.  I kept going West to NorCal and the dudes went back East and met up with Kevin in Houston. Kevin will be posting some footy from the remainder of the trip before too long.


This is the Alien Pod in Austin. It's built on this old foundation next to railroad tracks and it's surrounded by bamboo. Some locals with 'crete skills keep adding little things here and there. 

Jack floatin' one at Austin High, made famous by Mind Field. Fun times. 
Gil with a quick front board at a gas stop.
Nashville park is a ton of fun. We had an early morning sesh and then locals took us to an awesome swimming spot where we got to cliff dive. 
Austin has a bunch of great record stores,

Alien pod at dusk.