Tuesday, September 1, 2009

VA to TX

Here are some flicks from the road trip from Richmond to Austin that Erich, Jack, Gilbert and myself took in July.  They're kinda out of chronological order but I'm too lazy and tired at the moment to fix them. Thanks to Will, Ben, Cricket and Summer's in Austin for facilitating goodtimes.  I kept going West to NorCal and the dudes went back East and met up with Kevin in Houston. Kevin will be posting some footy from the remainder of the trip before too long.


This is the Alien Pod in Austin. It's built on this old foundation next to railroad tracks and it's surrounded by bamboo. Some locals with 'crete skills keep adding little things here and there. 

Jack floatin' one at Austin High, made famous by Mind Field. Fun times. 
Gil with a quick front board at a gas stop.
Nashville park is a ton of fun. We had an early morning sesh and then locals took us to an awesome swimming spot where we got to cliff dive. 
Austin has a bunch of great record stores,

Alien pod at dusk.

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