Friday, May 15, 2009

DIY Zine Scene

Local, Do-It-Yourself magazines are awesome. Born Ugly is a new zine out of Richmond, Va.  In the first issue there are some great skate photos shot by local dudes (like the one of Erich B. below). There are also cool interviews with Gilbert Crockett and photographer John Mehring, and also some funny comics.  You can try to find a copy or you can go to the born ugly website and view the issue in pdf form.  Word has it that Jack Beckett is gonna have an interview in an upcoming issue.

Xeno is a photographer in the Boston area and he has been doing a zine called Xenophobia for a little while now.  Issue #4 just dropped and there is a D.C. article, which features photos of Erich B., Kelly Obrien, Perry Morgan and others. There's also an interview with Gregoire with some cool photos shot by Kelly Obrien. There isn't a website for Xenophobia yet but you can get a copy if you send a few bucks to: 51 Linden St. #12 "Rock City" Allston, MA 02134.  

**Click on photos to inlarge.

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